tirsdag 21. august 2012

Capture the color

My friend tipped me about the photoblog contest Capture The Color, where you submit a picture in the following 5 different colors.
check out the contest here :)

Here is my contribution :)


This picture was captured in Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia in april this year.
It is basically a huge desert with salt, truly a photographers dream!
Being there, there is no noise, there is nothing that compromises you perspective... its just air... and freedom... well, it makes you wanna be naked and in one with nature ;)


This picture of an amazing hawaiian dude with his torch I captured in Maui in November last year. It was amazing to watch, feeling the flames burn while this big guy twirled it around himself like a ballerina dancer. extremely cool :)


This picture I took in Oruro, Bolivia in April this year. This hot spring is in the middle of nowhere, the air is ice-cold crispy and the water is boiling hot. It was soooo relaxing to sink down in the water and just be....


This picture i took on my trip to the moon earlier this year...
But seriously! it felt, looked and... maybe smelled? like the moon!
It was freeeeezing, all around there was geysirs shooting out steem, boiling magma pits .. and you could walk around freely! It was insane!! But it smelled like a monkeys butt! If it wasn't for it being so damn cool, i would probably have fainted and landed in one of them pits :P

This picture is taken in Bolivia aswell, so you can probably understand how in love I am with this country! I

ts like all the wonders of the world has been placed in one country. like a playground for whoever created this planet! :)


Meet my pet-turtie Alma :)
This was captured while snorkeling in Maui last year. Turtles are so peaceful to be around... its like you finally understand what its all about. Life, stress, decisions... doesn't matter so much anymore when your swimming next to a turtie :)

You can read more about my trip to Hawaii here: http://synneinhululand.blogspot.mx/

And my trip to Argentina here: http://synneintangoland.blogspot.mx/

I hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. While all good, I like the captured emotion on the face of the Hawaiian torch twirler. Well caught!

    1. Thank you! That means alot coming from u guys ;)